Quickfire #3

Take 2… You have one hour to complete this challenge; we will reconvene at 11:45am sharp

When asking students to create a creative project, it is your role as the facilitator to encourage the use of resources that are either their original work or work that can be found through the Creative Commons Licenses or other royalty free resource providers.

To help you practice your own skills, we are asking you to create a 30 second mashup of text, images, video, and audio that are either royalty free or creative commons products to symbolize or illustrate a key concept on from either Willingham’s Chapter 6 or Willingham’s Chapter 7. Once you get into your partners or groups of 3, we will randomly assign Chapter 6 or Chapter 7.  When you have finished, upload it to YouTube and add the link to this form.

If you finish ahead of 11:45, please feel free to use your time to work on your project – individual or collective.

Prior to leaving our Book Club/Quickfire, we will be sure to touch upon learning styles.. Willingham has a lot to say about learning styles – take a gander: videoblog