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Friday, July 12th

Check-in & Demo slam (9-9:30) Demo slam: Jess, Susan, Janine, Emily, Jillian, Desi Google & The World Brain recap   Work Time (9:30-10:55) Sign up on the board for next in line… we will work our way down the list… Collecting Work ePortfolio Link Submission Dream IT Link Submission Understanding Understanding Link Submission   Cross […]

Thursday, July 11th

Check-in (8:30-9) TED Thursdays Behaviorism (9-11) Palov’s dog/Classical conditioning (Frasier) (The Office) (Two & A Half Men) Skinner/Operant conditioning (Big Bang Theory) (Big Bang Theory) (The Simpsons) Resources (Skinner Box)   ACTIVITY 1 With your randomly assigned partner, you will be asked to collaborate online to compare and contrast behaviorism […]

Wednesday, July 10th

Check-in and Willingham book club (9:00-9:30) Friday’s Cross Share Plan Commercial for Chapter 9 should be ready to roll! Conference closure (9:30-10:55) Debrief, analyze surveys, reflect on improvements, finalize resources online, create thank you notes. Conference Reflection As you know, reflection is an important part of the learning process.  Please take the time to watch […]

Tuesday, July 9

Check-in (9:00-9:30) Conference Prep (9:30-11:30) Lunch (11:30-12:15) Setup, Registration, Welcoming Guests (12:15-1:00) Conference (1:00-4:30) [View the story “It’s been a long, hot but GREAT day! ” on Storify]

Monday, July 8th

#GREAT13 practice presentations (8:15-4:00) 8:15-9:00: Anchoring your management with technology (C) 9:00-9:45: Student ePortfolios (B) 9:45-10:30: SMART It Up (A) 10:30-11:15: App Slam! (D) 11:15-12:00:  Digital Citizenship for all ages (B) 12:30-1:00: Tech Tool Tour (A) 1-1:45: Presentations that WOW! (E) 1:45-2:30: Smooth Connections (D) 2:30-3:15: Adobe Creative Suite Basics (C) 3:15-4:00: Get Organized (E) […]

All in a Day’s Work

Each day we will post a detailed agenda of what will be accomplished during our time together.  We will also post the homework and readings that are expected to be completed that evening.  To get a brief summary of what is coming ahead, please see the Sync so You Don’t Sink calendar.