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Friday, July 5

Check-in; Demo slam (9-9:30) Becky, Danielle, Kat, Ryan, Annie, Lauren   Quickfire Challenge (9:30-10:45) I SCAMPER, you SCAMPER, we all SCAMPER. Today’s quickfire challenge will involve SCAMPER. In groups, you will be given a product – for our purposes – and you will need to complete the process. We will let you explore the website […]

Thursday, July 4

Happy 4th of July! Hope you had a great fieldtrip.   [View the story “MAET Y2 Day 8: 4th of July” on Storify]

Wednesday, July 3

Willingham book club (8:30-9:00) For Willingham’s Chapter 8, we are going to ask you to stay home… We will be having an online discussion. While we also engaged in an online discussion for Chapter 5, we did so still within the classrooms. So, for Chapter 8, we will discuss Willingham’s Chapter 8 using dscourse, but […]

Tuesday, July 2

Check-in (8:30-9) Yesterday we explored Edmodo in our “online” discussion of Willingham Chapter 5. Recently there has been some talk about Edmodo vs. Schoology. So for our check-in today, we just want you to check-out Schoology and give us your thoughts… how do you think it compares to Edmodo? And then before we begin… today […]

Monday, July 1

Check-in (8:30-9) We can’t have TED Thursdays without having Made You Think Mondays… Our first Monday, we Made You Think (MYT) with the debate about technology revolutionizing education. Today, for our MYT, we ask that you ponder over this brief article and share any thoughts… Willingham book club (9-10:30) We will be exploring Chapters 4 […]

All in a Day’s Work

Each day we will post a detailed agenda of what will be accomplished during our time together.  We will also post the homework and readings that are expected to be completed that evening.  To get a brief summary of what is coming ahead, please see the Sync so You Don’t Sink calendar.