Wednesday, July 17

Check-in (8:30 – 9:00) 


Create a Flipped TED Experience for your classroom. Please note, if you do teach younger students and wonder how this might be used, perhaps you could consider creating a flipped PD for other educators using TED talks.

Go to and follow the instruction to create a flipped experience.

Post link here:


Finish Dream-It Presentations (9:00 -10:00)


Interest Exploration (10:00 – 11:00)

Interested classmates will put together their own idea of a technology or a pedagogical approach to share; classmates can also nominate another classmate and a technology/pedagogy. The selected individuals (n=6; if more than 6 then anonymous voting will occur) will lead about 20-minute mini-lessons/discussions. There will be 3 mini-lessons/discussions occurring in the room at the same time.

Session 1 (10-10:20): Ryan (fancy imovie stuff), Becky (google forms), Jessie (learning to learn pedagogy)

Session 2 (10:30-10:50): Steve (apps), Jillian (explain everything), Desi (smartboard)

Cross Quickfire (11:00 – 12:00)

Leaving it up to Leigh; have fun!


Technology Implementation (1:00 – 3:30)

When bringing new technologies into a school, it is important that there is a system in place to ensure success with that initiative.  Most institutions when implementing change often develop an action plan to assist and guide the process as well as communicate with all stakeholders what their role is in ensuring the success of the new implementation.

Generating Action Plans does not only have to happen with large scale launches, but can even support small new implementations in either a classroom or school.  Today we are going to go through the process of generating an action plan to help kick off success within your school.

Action Plan Template


Simulation/Game: How to get a school to adopt an innovation



  • Understanding Understanding – DUE TOMORROW

  • ePortfolio Due Friday