Friday, July 5

Check-in; Demo slam (9-9:30)

Becky, Danielle, Kat, Ryan, Annie, Lauren


Quickfire Challenge (9:30-10:45)

I SCAMPER, you SCAMPER, we all SCAMPER. Today’s quickfire challenge will involve SCAMPER. In groups, you will be given a product – for our purposes – and you will need to complete the process. We will let you explore the website as a group and SCAMPER away. We will set a time limit and then reconvene to share. Happy SCAMPERING!  Who’s in your group?


Cross share (11-12)



  • Read Willingham – Chapter 9

  • In your Conference/Understanding Understanding work groups, you need to create a commercial for the material in Willingham’s Chapter 9. The commercial must be less than a minute – it can be a 30-second commercial (whichever you feel is appropriate) – and reflect the content from Willingham Chapter 9. You are to shoot your own video. This is to be ready to share come 9am on Wednesday, July 10th. You are welcome to do it anytime between now and Wednesday at 9am, including work at 8:30am on Wednesday. We will start class at 9am on Wednesday.
  • Conference Presentation Prep

  • Understanding, Understanding Project

  • Dream IT

Advance Planning for Monday

#GREAT13 practice presentations (8:15-3:30)

8:15-9:00: Anchoring your management with technology (C)

9:00-9:45: Student ePortfolios (B)

9:45-10:30: SMART It Up (A)

10:30-11:15: App Slam! (D)

11:15-12:00:  Digital Citizenship for all ages (B)

12:30-1:00: Tech Tour Tool (A)

1-1:45: Presentations that WOW! (E)

1:45-2:30: Smooth Connections (D)

2:30-3:15: Adobe Creative Suite Basics (C)

3:15-4:00: Get Organized (E)