Wednesday, July 3

Willingham book club (8:30-9:00)

For Willingham’s Chapter 8, we are going to ask you to stay home… We will be having an online discussion. While we also engaged in an online discussion for Chapter 5, we did so still within the classrooms. So, for Chapter 8, we will discuss Willingham’s Chapter 8 using dscourse, but do so in an environment of your choosing. We only ask that you get online and participate in the dscourse discussion at 8:30 and then come to class ready to work by 9:15am – we will start promptly! In our discussion on dscourse, we will first engage in dialogue regarding the ideas put forward by Willingham in Chapter 8. After that becomes saturated, we will migrate to a discussion of the pros and cons on online discussions of readings as well as compare and contrast the the two tools we have tried for the online discussion format.

Check-in (9:15-9:45)

We will view your videos from yesterday’s Willingham Chapters 6 and 7 Quickfire Challenge; we will also discuss any lingering questions from the Willingham readings (Chapters 6, 7, and 8).  If you have not submitted your link yet, please add it to this form.

Work time (9:45-10:55)

Cross Quickfire (11-12)

Leaving it up to Leigh again – have fun!


Unplugging (1-1:30)

Taking a minute to breath.  In today’s high paced environment, sometimes we need to remember to stop and breath.  Today we are going to take a quick look at the importance of clearing our minds to allow our bodies to relax and destress from the everyday demands.  Many schools are beginning to integrate this into the routine to help improve student performance.  Meditation is said to free space in working memory, which we have learned from Willingham, can lead to better learning.  Below are some resources for your use.

The Moment is perfect:

How Meditation May Boost Test Scores:

Meditation Myths:

Meditation Models:

Meditation for Middle Schoolers:

There’s an app for that:

Quickfire (1:30-2:30)

Worktime (2:30-3:30)


• Since we will be on a fieldtrip, we will be doing TED Thursdays in a flipped format.. Our TED Talk will be by Hans Rolsing

• Are you in charge of the Storify for the day?

• Ongoing GREAT conference preparation

• Ongoing Understanding Understanding work

• Ongoing Dream-IT work